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  • From: Tasana Computers <poneyboy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 03:21:10 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <1132629604.26074.37.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
OK you guys have been great in helping me get this OS under control. I
had several issues that I had asked help on I will list them and tell
you where I am
1) Dell 1350 WLAN NIC. I downloaded a commercial driver and it works
great now.
2) Using terminal window, commends ect, learned and done.
3) Setting up SUSE to see XP and visa versa.

Here is where I stand

I can see SUSE from XP and access all the files, I can see XP (In this
case Poneyboy) from SUSE but I can't access it. In network drive Is says
Windows, I open it and I have two options Poneyboy (which is the name of
the desktop) and MSHOME (which is the name of the XP Network) when I
click on MSHOME it opens up a Drive Poneyboy when I open it I get MSHOME
and over and over and over on both networks. I never get to the folders
on the Desktop. it is a never ending opening cycle.

Apps on SUSE are driving me nuts. In GNOME almost everything opens,
however their are a handful of Apps that refuse to launch, EX Desktop
Photo refuses to launch. In KDE hardly anything launches. I did check
the current bug list and this has been posted so I do not think there is
anything that can be done at current I expect Novell to send a patch for
this soon.

The current issue however is I need to access the files on Poneyboy (XP)

Again Thanks so much for all your help
Gregory D. Watts
931-498-4341/cell 931-260-0414

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