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Re: [SLE] Menu font for Firefox
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 03:09:18 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <4383DCDE.18C6@xxxxxx>
B. Stia wrote Mon, 21 Nov 2005 01:22:26 -0500:

> On Saturday 19 November 2005 02:42 am, Felix Miata wrote:

> > B. Stia wrote:

> > > OK, everythng requested has been put up. Go to
> > >

> > Your screenshot of gnome-control-center is of the 1.x version (GTK1).
> > Firefox is built with GTK2, so to affect it you'll need the v2.x GTK2
> > version of gnome-control-center, which may be named simply
> > control-center on 9.2.

> OK, I have both versions installed. I showed you that one because it is
> a gtk app and obviously had the teeny fonts. I used the other version
> called gnome-control-center (GTK2 ?) to change my fonts to be somewhat
> readable.

gnome-control-center ought to be able to change all your GTK2 apps to
use whatever fonts you please, either via DPI, or more directly through
the font chooser. For GTK1, forget it. This is why GTK2 was developed.
Everything else ought to be adequately controled through KDE Control

> > In XF86Config, try commenting out Usemodes from Section "Monitor",
> > and setting DisplaySize values closer to a precise 4:3 ratio.

> Wellll.....OK. will try that, but remember this lcd is actually more of
> a 5:4 ratio. (430x320) As an aside, I wanted to use the 1600x1200
> screen because it gives me more real estate and what Samsung says is
> the native monitor setting. I have ben running it mostly at 1280x1024
> which make the fonts somewhat larger.

See below. You shouldn't need an inferior resolution just to get big
enough fonts.

> > Have you tried to use the nv driver instead of nvidia?

> Nooooo.... I really hesistate to do this because it is such a PITA
> setting up Nvidia again.

AFAICT, switching drivers by changing one line in xorg.conf/XF86Config
will not uninstall anything or disturb any other configuration files. I
don't have any NVidia cards in any Linux machines right now to be sure,
but I can't believe it would be otherwise.

> > I presume 'chkconfig --list' shows xfs is 5:on.

> Nooooooo........Actually everything in chkconfig is "off" , including
> xfs.

AFAIK xfs feeds GTK1 apps their fonts. Are you using any of those? If
not it shouldn't matter.

> Listen up. This is not a big deal. I just thought you might have the
> answers for a problem (for me) that has existed from at least 8.0 days.
> Each new release has me hoping that these incompatabilities will be
> resolved...... Sigh !!.....Not yet. Maybe next time. Maybe.....

It's a complex system. Different toolkits. Different stages of
development. Different window managers. Overall I think we're better off
with the current release than one that is a year or more old.

> Feel satisfied that an attempt was made. You see I am severely sight
> impaired (macular degeneration) and over two years ago I had several
> e-mail exchanges with Akkana Peck of Mozilla re: the tiny fonts in the

You can see in that
Akkana & I had more recent discussion, just over one year ago. It seems
I've learned enough since then that I need to update that page again.

> menus and drop down boxes. Nothing was ever resolved and nothing has
> changed. I still don't expect miracles. I really thank you and all for
> trying.

I spent quite some time today with SuSE 9.2. Here's a summary of today's
9.2 work:

Every method of controlling the system DPI Firefox uses (and
consequently its UI font sizes) that I tried today worked:

1-Exclusively via Xft.dpi: in Xresources (not reflected in
xfpyinfo/Kinfocenter output)
2-Exclusively via DisplaySize in xorg.conf/XF86Config
3-Exclusively via -dpi # as a startx parameter

browser.display.screen_resolution currently affects only web page
absolute sizes, not UI fonts.

I believe you should be able to run your native 1600x1200 resolution and
have fonts suitable for your needs, if you have critical need for no
GTK1 apps. QT and GTK2 have evolved to present users with the means to
control fonts, little by little, version by version. As of 9.2, Firefox
in particular, and I believe probably most GTK2 apps, do not dynamically
take font size changes, but instead require a restart for
gnome-control-center's configuration changes to take effect. The
included GTK2 version does include gnome-settings-daemon, and NAICT,
gnome-control-center is what calls it from deep in the /opt tree, not
any user's .rc files.

I have to believe if you can't follow the procedures we've already
discussed that you're experiencing some obscure contiguration bug that
would unlikely survive an upgrade to 9.3 or 10.0. An upgrade, whether
clean install or otherwise, would probably also prune away more legacy
GTK1 apps. It's only about 3 months since I retired my SuSE 8.2 1997
hardware server for something much newer, currently running Mandrake
2006, but targeted for SuSE 10.0.
"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:13 NIV

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