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Re: [opensuse] KDE IS NOT GONE! Was Re: [opensuse] STANDARDISING ON *GNOME*!!! hOW *COULD* YOU.....!!!!
  • From: "Andreas Girardet" <agirardet@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 13:37:15 -0700
  • Message-id: <437314D8.4906.0018.0@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>> On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 8:49 am, in message
<3a22cf80511091149g6dcf17d9v@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, mourguiart@xxxxxxxxx
>> "we are not dropping KDE entirely, we will make Gnome the default
>> the recommended platform but the plan is to continue to offer KDE as
>> option in all of the Linux products. We have had to implement a
>> restructuring in the product development area and needed to focus
>> efforts. We are working on a full FAQ on our desktop strategy that
>> be available to you, but we will not be eliminating KDE as a part
>> this plan. I hope this helps."
>> I think this helps hugely! And I am so happy the rumors are NOT
> I don?t know any important distribution that have drop KDE or Gnome
> completely, I just don?t think that?s the point the thing is that
SUSE is by
> now the best KDE distribution out there, that's why i'm a SUSE user
and that
> my friend is going to change.
> And i can see only two important reasons to focus on Gnome:
> 1. Mono, but why not to force Icaza to implement QT in Mono !!! He?s
> about it are ridiculous, is that more difficult than focus all SUSE
on Gnome
> ??

Good point. But why would you re implement something in another
toolkit? One toolkit is enough. I rather have the toolkits
compatibilities between each other improved. From what I can follow via
the KDE project, this is exactly what is going to happen anyhow.

Personally I can see why Gnome will be pushed more as it will leverage
our large investment into Gnome. KDE is so well maintained by the non -
suse KDE community that SUSE is going to continue to be the best KDE
desktop, but additionally to that it will also be the best Gnome
desktop. KDE standard packages are so good that hardly any real
maintenance has to be done as many of the lead kde developers are part
of the SUSE team and from what I can gather, they still will be.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on what is possible to be ready
for the fight with M$ once Vista is out.

> 2. LGPL, Is easy to make closed applications using Gnome than using

I don't really know why that would be a bad thing. After all SUSE is
already a mix of closed and open applications.

> So yes, i thing this is a bad thing

KDE is still going to be around and SUSE is still going to be the best
KDE desktop. We still are going to have a fully maintained KDE. I would
think that in real world terms all that changes is that the gnome
desktop will get better and more integrated, but in the end we as a SUSE
community now have the reigns when it comes to making sure that KDE is
going to be at a par.

I honestly think this is actually a good thing as it puts the control
of a KDE desktop into our hands (as it should be) and we can make it
even better. This is after all why the openSUSE community was founded,
to allow certain parts of the product to be maintained by the community
and allow us as Novell to concentrate as a business on those items that
will make Linux a winner in the corporate environment and ultimately
provide a clear choice to todays PC user.

I don't know when the FAQ will be available, but as soon as I know I
let you all know.

KDE is NOT a gonner and is here to stay as intrinsically part of our
products. SUSE will stay the best KDE desktop. I will do my part to
ensure the latter. If we all as a community do our part than I have no
doubt that SUSE is going to rule the Gnome/Enterprise market and the
KDE/Home user market. After all it is up to us to make this happen. I am
glad that this is still the case.

I can understand the frustration around these rumors and I am just
mightily thankful they are just that.

Go SUSE go!



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