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RE: [SLE] 10.0 Box Arrived!
  • From: mlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 10:00:43 -0400
  • Message-id: <88484FCE42800C499ED8254F9F5E35EF0113527A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Shriramana Sharma [mailto:samjnaa@xxxxxxxxx] had this to say:
> > Does that also apply to working xine or
> > mplayer and the dcss stuff?
> I'm not sure about DeCSS. Is there DeCSS in the boxed
> version? (Question to
> others.)

Historically, no. Not since it started being illegal in
some countries. But when I saw talk of multimedia stuff
available out of the box, but not via the downloaded version,
I wondered how far that extended... so I asked.

> > Kevin (who just installed from the DVD and has hit only one
> tiny problem,
> > so far)
> And which was that? Did you install from the download DVD or
> the retail DVD?
> I'm still downloading the DVD now.

It's the problem outlined in the message
"[SLE] SuSE 10 imapd.conf", earlier today ... along
with my brief applause for the SuSE 10.0 boxed retail
set that I received yesterday and installed last night.

There were _no_ glitches, and _no_ backtracking during
the installation and setup. It went more smoothly than
any Linux or Windows install I've ever done (in fact,
it was as smooth as installing OS-X Tiger on my little
old iBook a few weeks ago).

The problem occurred the first time that I logged in as
my normal user; as soon as KDE came up, I got an error message:

"Error - Konqueror
The file:///etc/imapd.conf could not be loaded, as it was not
possible to read from it.

Check if you have access to this file."

When I looked in /etc the file did not exist at all,
so I'm unsure what's the proper thing to do next, to
get an IMAP server working. I haven't touched anything
else, since that was two-o'clock in the morning for me,
and now I'm at work today. Tonight, I'll start poking
at it.

Kevin (Ottawa, Canada, eh?)

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