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Re: [SLE] Networking - SuSE 9.3 & WinXPx2 - wireless and wired
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Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 6:33 PM
Subject: Re: [SLE] Networking - SuSE 9.3 & WinXPx2 - wireless and wired

On Monday 10 October 2005 02:27, you wrote:
On 10/10/05, Bernd <bernd@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Should (can) I
> disable the dhcp server on the router and statically assign addresses > to
> my cards on each box, and in the same sub? Keep in mind that my end
> desire is to have Box #2 and Box #3 route to the internet through Box > #1,
> and to file and print share between them all.
> Bernd

Sorry but I'm puzzled as to why you should have to disable dchp on
your router. I have a fairly similar set up as yourself. I have
three PCs dotted around the house (one in my workshop only set up a
few days ago). The all have internet access via a D-Link router modem
(wired). On the upstairs PC I have Win2k, on the donwstairs one I
alternate between SuSE 9.3/9.1 Ubuntu/Kubuntu and others that I just
test but all on separate drives, I'm not installing uninstalling all
the time. The workshop PC has Vector Linux as it is rather old and
SuSE is too demanding for it. Now, my problem is similar to yours.
If I pop a Win2k hard drive into the downstairs PC I can see and
access all printers shared files etc on the upstairs one. I cannot do
so with any of my Linux disks. I believe this is down to my samba
configuration file not being set up properly yet. But why should I
have to turn off dchp (on the router don't forget) for Linux when I
don't have to for a Win2k drive? This set up has worked in the past
on one of my 9.1 set ups but I don't have a clue how I set it up :-(((

So, I believe that what you may need to do is edit your samba config
file the same as I have to...

I can't even ping the other devices, with one exception; I can ping my linux
box (Box #1) from my WinXP box (Box #3). I am able to ping each boxes
own network cards though. Ping'ing should have nothing to do with the Samba

Before I can even think about file and print sharing, and internet, between
all the boxes, I need to get the network cards to see each other.



How are you pinging the boxes? By hostname? By IP address? It almost sounds like you devices are not on the same subnet. If you can ping by IP but not by hostname, then you have a name resolution problem. See /etc/hosts and /etc/resolve.conf on the linux box and LMHOSTS on the XP box. The nmbd part of Samba provides name resolution if configured as a wins server. Unless you have a local dns running, then having the samba wins server running or configuring /etc/hosts, etc.. is the only way you will get local name resolution.

More info would be helpful...

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