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Re: [opensuse] Packages from a user and Packager perspective
On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 01:15:18PM +0200, Andreas Simon wrote:
> On Monday 05 September 2005 11:21, houghi wrote:
> > What links are there
> >         |________________ RPM -> Use that
> >         |
> >         |________________ rpm.src -> Use that
> I am hope that rpms which don't follow SUSE policies are no option. SUSE
> always standed for high quality. I don't expect Novell to change this. Thus
> there MUST be some QA process before (of course afterwards too) any package
> is added at all. Don't just grab random crap and add it. SPECS need to be
> reviewed before they are added, packages need to be tested, it must be
> ensured that even with add-on packages updates to newer SUSE Linux versions
> are possible, it should be ensured that someone is willing to maintain the
> package and updates it if a security issue is found, etc. Otherwise you end
> up like Ubuntu's universe with a big number of packages but not enough
> maintainers, a lot of broken packages, no security support, etc. We don't
> want this, do we?

I understand. I am just trowing ideas in the group. So what you are saying
that the basics (looking at freshmeat) is good, but the implementation
should be done differently?

Is there any way to check SPECS automaticaly?

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