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Re: [SLE] RE: Incremental move to SuSE 9.3
  • From: "suse_gasjr4wd@xxxxxxx" <suse_gasjr4wd@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 12:28:32 -0400
  • Message-id: <BF13C5F0.2AE9%suse_gasjr4wd@xxxxxxx>
On 8/1/05 10:29 AM, "Martin" <earl072001@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi experts,
> I'd like to ask for advice on how to ftp install SuSE
> 9.3 on my laptop where I currently have SuSE 8.2. What
> are the necessary steps I should folow?
> I do have 2 partitions where 2nd one I use just for
> data but can clean it up. My goal is to have both SuSE
> 8.2 and SuSE9.3 running so I can move data from SuSE
> 8.2 partition to SuSE9.3 partition slowly step by step
> and if anything goes wrong or I need to do something
> urgent and it does not work on SuSE9.3 yet I can
> reboot to SuSE8.2 and work till I figure it out.
> Thx, Martin

Personally when I tinker with things, I just install another drive. Most of
the time it's time to upgrade in drive size anyway...but I totally unhook
the "good" existing drive, install what I want, than reconnect the good
drive if needed. Or, just connect both of them and go from there.
(master-slave, SCSI ID's etc. must be correct...)

We have a main file server that's OSX (unix) server that the share is a
separate set of drives...the boot drive is the factory drive. That way I can
change the OS, upgrade, etc and not worry about mucking up the good
important stuff.


If you play a Windows 2000 disk backwards you will hear satanic chants but -
and this is much more frightening - if you play it forwards it installs

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