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Re: [SLE] Just installed 9.3 and having some problems with video card and monitor -- any ideas?
  • From: Stan Glasoe <srglasoe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 10:56:10 -0500
  • Message-id: <200508081056.10661.srglasoe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday 08 August 2005 9:59 am, Gil Weber wrote:
> > Instead do a "sax2 -l" without the quotes. That's a lower case L, not a
> > numeral 1. Should bring up a 640x480 screen that allows you to proceed.
> Nope. When I enter sax2 -1 all it does is bring up a list of the various
Is that a numeral one (1) that you used or a lower case 'ell' (l/L)? Has to
be a lower case L for "low res"...
> > Are you following the Nvidia install instructions for SuSE 9.3? I'm
> > coming from mainly ATI experience here but this shouldn't be all that
> > different getting the initial display functioning. You can always
> > screw-up the system later messing with the real video drivers! :)
> Have not tried these additional options.
> Honestly, I don't know about any Nvidia install instructions. When I did
> the first online update after the install I told it to get the Nvidia
> driver. I assumed (???) it installed automatically since if I do another
> on-line update the Nvidia driver is no longer listed as an available
> download.
> Is there something I have to do to install the Nvidia driver? If yes,
> that sure as heck was not made clear during the on-line update! :o(

The only additional thing I believe is to make sure that "nv" is replaced
with "nvidia" in the "Device" section of the /etx/X11/xorg.conf file for 3D

> > Which PCI slot is the card in? I'd recommend the slot closest to the
> > power supply connector on the mainboard. That's usually the primary or
> > first slot and has the shortest signal path and gets good power.
> > Another question is the power supply's power. You've added a power
> > drain to the system that wasn't there before. Don't know how loaded
> > this system is (18 hard drives? 4 DVD burners? 8 NICs? etc) so that
> > could be an issue.
> It's in the farthest slot to keep it away from processor heat sink. But
> there are only 3 card slots (it's a small case). Very simple computer.
> One HD, one DVD burner, one sound card, one video card. That's it. The
> network card is an on-board chip.
I advocate (which means try it at least once to humor me) putting it in the
closest slot since it is usually higher priority, cleaner power, etc. Heat
shouldn't be an issue IF all the fans are working correctly.

> Power supply is probably 250 or maybe 300 watts. Should certainly be
> enough.
Should be OK. Seems a light enough load. Still, humor me and put the
ding-dang video card in the first slot at least once and see if it gets
configured using the sax2 settings noted earlier.

> Thx

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