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Re: [opensuse] Ahain a new version of makeSUSEdvd
On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 05:07:11PM +0200, Robert Schiele wrote:
> I really can't understand why it is a real problem to install one tool for the
> download.

For me or you it isn't. For a lot of users it is.

> Some years ago when Windows did not include a ZIP compression
> utility million of Windows users managed without problems to install WinZIP or
> a similar tool to unzip ZIP files as you find them all over the net. Almost
> nobody complains why the included files are not stored uncompressed on the web
> servers.

SOme years ago, the only people who used a computers or had one at home
were people who were at least sideways interested in computers. You put
out a very valid point. Users and their knowledge have changed.

A few years ago it would have been normal to just do a download with ftp
under dos, put stuff on a floppy and then start installing and

Now people want to jusr download the iso, burn it and run Linux, which
explains the success of Ubuntu. So what must happen is a paradigm shift.
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