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Re: [opensuse] Ahain a new version of makeSUSEdvd
On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 04:04:30PM +0200, Robert Schiele wrote:
> > About the jigdo files. With iso files, I can just click and download. With
> > *.jidgo you first need to install something and then hope it works. I was
> > the best example of how it did NOT work.
> This is why we need better end user documentation. This is not why we schould
> not use the tool at all.


> If you tell your browser to open all .jigdo files with jigdo-lite then just
> clicking the link should be enough as well (even without any GUI application).

After you installed the program
> > advanced, I type wget. Will work and quaranteed no problems with whatever
> what is the difference regarding complexity in typing
> $ wget
> to
> $ jigdo-lite

I need to have jigdo-lite installed AND am able to work with or dare to
work with CLI.

> > For me that is no reason to do it in a more complicated way. To _ME_ this
> > sounds as if you are saying: If you can not handle this, please go away.
> > That is not my idea of userfriendly.
> This sounds correct to you. If some person was not capable to open the door
> of his car I would _strictly_ recommend him _not_ to repair it himself.

Indeed. But that does not mean he should be forbidden to drive it, even if
he enters by breaking open the window.

> And BTW: Being user-friendly does not mean to fulfill every request a user has
> even if that request would hurt many other people in a community. Sometimes
> it is just necessary to say "no".

The advantage are solely for the mirror and none for the user. I am all
for change, as long as both parties benefit.

> You wouldn't jump from a bridge just
> because some tourist requests: "Could you please jump from this bridge, I'd
> like to take a really interesting photo."

I have actually asked something similar. To be in a storm so the resque
helicopter woul fly out to resque us aand could take pictures. :-)

> If there are no ISOs availlable for direct download the advantage is that you
> get an ISO image that way. If you force them they will go that way.

They will not go that way, they will go away. If space on mirrors is
really the only way, just force them to use boot.iso. That is my prefered
qway of instalation anyway.

> > Users ARE that inflexible, as are a lot of admins. :-/
> I don't think that Eberhard is inflexible and he told that there are problems
> with the current situation.

It was a generalisation and not pointed at one user or admin.

> Maybe this sounds eletish. In my opinion if someone just wants to consume
> something without even being a bit cooperative to those people providing the
> stuff then he should pay for it. If this sounds eletish then this is ok for
> me.

OK. I hope we can agree to disagree here.


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