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Re: [opensuse] Ahain a new version of makeSUSEdvd
  • From: "Andreas Girardet" <agirardet@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 00:46:16 -0600
  • Message-id: <4315FAF8.4906.0018.0@xxxxxxxxxx>

> This is exactly what Eberhard said. But I still think jigdo is
better than
> a
> script because a script has so many dependencies to additional tools
that it
> is quite error prone for the average user. jigdo could be used even
by a
> novice user that is capable of burning iso images on every platform.

jigdo is OK for me, but I think just as bad for the average user than a
script. The same user group that can handle a script can handle jigdo
....... If you cannot handle a script, then you won't be able to handle
jigdo either. The command line level is the same, I assume.

> I am afraid most people will still want to be able to have
everything, no
>> matter if they use it or not. People are like that. They want to
>> meaning feel or see them, so they know it is theirs.
> Sure there are some of these people. But even then you don't have
> packages duplicated on the FTP servers in the inst- source directory
and the
> images.

>> Again, I like the idea. Just a bit afraid that ythe average person
>> think it to be strange/difficult.
> I am sure it is not more difficult to explain jigdo to the average
user than
> it is to explain how to burn ISO images.

I must admit I have not seen jigdo on windows, but I assume it is a
command line of some sort?

If it is I doubt what you say, just since I did work for an ISP
helpdesk many years ago and the sort of user you get there is the one we
will be getting with Linux's continued success. Such a user is seriously
overloaded with the concept of a command line all together. Burning an
iso is mainly a wizard driven thing today and is click click done .....
not so jigdo or a script. Both are just as complex. Those users are the
ones that do not use bittorrent and will be hammering our servers.

Correct me if I am making wrong assumptions in my conclusions.


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