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Re: [opensuse] Remaster SUSE
  • From: Uriel_Carrasquilla@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 14:12:06 -0400
  • Message-id: <OFEDCB1C73.A4F27F68-ON85257067.00636B5E@xxxxxxxx>

Shriramana Sharma
<samjnaa@xxxxxxxx To: opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx
m> cc:
Subject: Re: [opensuse] Remaster SUSE
08/24/2005 02:00
Please respond to

houghi wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 09:57:30AM -0400, Uriel_Carrasquilla@xxxxxxxx
>> Houghi:
>> I followed the instructions from The ISO
>> is 3.4 GB and k3b is busy burnining the DVD as we speak.
>> However, when I executed the
>> ---> create_package_descr -x setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV -l english -l
>> command, it failed because EXTRA_PROV is not there. could this cause me
>> problems later on?
> Could you please not top post and I have no idea what kind of emailclient
> you use, but it puts ^M after each line. Very hard to read.

# I'm using SeaMonkey Mail and I don't see any ^M-s. Maybe it's a problem
# with *your* client?

Uriel wrote:

I suspect I know what is going on regarding "top posting". I use Lotus
Notes (not by choice) and sometimes MS-Outlook (oops).
They do the "top posting" and don't know how to change it (I will
Regarding the ^M, it is again a Windows based editor (comes by default in
Lotus Notes) and you are looking at the cariage return for ascii under
Windows. I don't know what you use for editor but if it was emacs, it will
correct the ^M with blanks.
I, myself, and I might be alone, find it much easier to read messages at
the top than to fish responses in the body of the E-mail.
However, I will also investigate how I can change the default in "lotus
notes" so it does it the way you are asking for.
My apologies. (this e-mail I had to cook so it would meet your
requirements, I hope).


Shriramana Sharma

(o- Penguin #395953
//\ running on ancient Indian wisdom
V_/_ and modern computing efficiency

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