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Re: [opensuse] KDE vs Gnome
  • From: robbinsc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 14:14:26 -0700
  • Message-id: <20050818141426.5r8kk8cowk0oc4oo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Quoting Buddy Lindsey <percent20@xxxxxxxxx>:

Sorry to ask this I will probably get flamed for it. but.

Danger! Danger Will Robinson! Entering the great KDE vs. Gnome Flamewar! ;)

I have used KDE for a long time. I rarely use Gnome, mainly because I
don't know how, but I was wondering what you would advise me to use.
I like KDE, but I am getting into .NET development and from what I
understand the GTK# library is much much further along than the QT#
library. And just for general use what would you suggest?

It depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you've used KDE forever, and
it fits - then why fix something that isn't broken? You could give Gnome
another try.

I tried Gnome awhile back when I tried Debian. It has it's own plusses and
minuses. I thought their top toolbar was pretty slick, and it's got a decent
look to it.

Besides, who names their WM after a wee fictional character? You ought to name
it after something strong, like the letter K. :)


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