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Re: [SLE] Universal trash ? & Log in prob. Whoops!!

On 2005-06-18 15:47 +0200, Randall R Schulz wrote:

> Wow, 15 entries for /. There should only be one.

Not true at all. Try it on your system. When you apply "df" to a
directory that is not a mount point, it tells you it's "mounted on"
the mount point of the file system to which it belongs.

It's unfortunate that df does not include the argument in the output
line generated by that argument.

I have tried myself. The problem arises when the command line includes an "*", like in "df -ah /*". It is caused by the shell expansion of "/*". The man page explains it:

df [OPTION]... [FILE]...
This manual page documents the GNU version of df.
df displays the amount of disk space available on the
file system containing each file name argument.

I.e., for each expansion of "*" (for each file given, in this case, in /), df reports the free space on the disk containing it. Redundant.

So, yes, you are absolutely right. The output is correct... but confusing.

Carlos Robinson
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