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Re: [SLE] Is sound management ready for the 'Linux Desktop'?
  • From: Peter Nikolic <p.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 09:05:48 +0100
  • Message-id: <200506290905.49077.p.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 29 June 2005 01:19, Colin Murphy wrote:
> I've recently introduced my dear, grey haired old mother to the delights of
> computers and, seeing as she is using one of my machines, she will be using
> Linux, specifically Suse 9.2.
> While she has had a little experience of some Windows systems it's all
> fairly new to her, so watching her using a Linux desktop is quite
> revealing. It seems she gets stuck just as often with either OS, mainly
> with pop-ups and sudden change of focus of windows on the screen, along
> with silly things like typing e,s and c for the ESC key. We are using KDE
> along with applications like KMail. Obviously these things will come with
> practise and experience - the point to note being that the learning curve
> seems pretty much the same for Linux and Windows.
> The killer app that has fired up my mothers keenness to use the computer is
> Skype and it is the sound element that has proved to be a real stumbling
> block for her. I have many years of Linux experience, though I'm no
> expert, and it is sound that always seems to cause me the greatest amount
> of grief also. This begs the question, are the sound features in Linux
> letting the Desktop usage side down?
> The specific problem here with Skype was with setting up the 'voice
> capture' side of things. It works to a fashion now, after some Googling I
> started setting levels using alsamixer from a terminal, other mixers like
> KMix and KAMix didn't have a slider control for a 'Digital' element, which
> is required.
Errrrrr Kmix does have a slider for digital it is labeled PCM i use Kmix
only and have no problems with skype apart from the odd howl cause i cant
stand headphones but even that is rare these days ,

You need the little red light to be on under the microphone slider a little
mic gain to start with , The green lights above master and PCM both need to
be on, PCM about half mast and Master volume to suit your self i split the
master volume and set one speaker louder than the other this gets rid of the
slight howl now and then .

Theese settings are for Kmix and have worked ever since i first got skype
(quite a while ago now )

You will normally find me nattering to Sid (sidders) as petenjr

> It still isn't working quite right, this setting needs to be
> adjusted after every reboot - alsamixer isn't as GUI user friendly as I
> would want for my mother and is a cause of irritation. Can anyone tell me
> how I can set these in a more permanent fashion?
> I have found the way Linux handles sound to be a very confusing subject,
> confusing for a user since almost all of the documentation seems to be for
> the developer arena. Is it now time for this to change and make all of the
> sound features more user friendly. I am not talking about playback, that
> has been fairly flawless in it's automatic configuration in any Suse
> install I've done in the past few years. I'm talking of more complicated
> things like recording and capturing from other sources.

I have found that most of the sound features seem to work well capture from
most sources works well apart from i have not tried some of the more exotic
digital formats aint got the gear aint likley to buy it either too expensive
for me . The one thing i still cant work out is capturing video from DVD to
disc . Oh and streaming audio i cant capture but have no tried recently
and that is most likely just me doing something butt about face

> Truth be told, I
> have no idea how well this stuff is handled in Windows either, nor do I
> care. I do know that if I have a problem trying to do some of this stuff in
> Linux and I turn to Google for help my head soon starts to spin with terms

> like aRTs and ALSA and a seemingly fraught battle between then for
> domination of my speaker socket
I have found recently that i have no problem with aRTS and the default KDE 3.4
settings work well i know some people say different but this may be with
shall we say some more highly strung sound cards i use and a "Sound Blaster
Live" (emu10k1) chip i have also used an Sound Blaster PCI64 that caused a
bit if hassle but it worked as well mic PCM setting was as touchey as you
like plus some look at it and howl or no audio , Had no problem with ALSA
unless i try to enable the on-board sound chip then all hell breaks loose and
sound is completely screwed so i dont use the on-board at all .

Pete .

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Microsoft ? Of course NOT !

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your ass to think , I am going to take on the worlds Computer Industry

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