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SuSE / Novell Patch System on 9.3
  • From: Jason Snyder <jmcsnyder@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 08:11:59 -0700
  • Message-id: <200505160811.59442.jmcsnyder@xxxxxxxxxx>
Introduction: I have been a Linux user since 1996 and I have used numerous
distros starting with Slackware way back in 96'. Back then I was in high
school and had plenty of time to just tinker around. Now a days I just try
to cut down to the meat of what I want to do (which is not tinkering around
for days on end trying to get basic function) and have a system that is for
the most part self configuring and managing.

Meat: I installed SuSE 9.3 multiple times on my test box. I did some
reviewing of my failed installs and I found if I didn't patch the system it
would come up though the few things I did try were broken. As soon as I
patched things got much worse. The first round the window manager (KDE) got
all screwed up. (I thought SuSE was supposed to be you select a window
manager and it always comes up afterward, not root around and try to figure
out how they broke it every time a new patch comes down the pike.) Then a
little later when I re-installed and patched it got screwed up to the point
where it wouldn't even load the kernel into memory. (So much for SuSE's
automatic grub reconfiguration or whatever went wrong.)

Summary: This is just way too many problems that SuSE 9.2 didn't have and it
makes me a little uneasy that there are multiple globably non user friendly
problems in their patches. Also there seems to be a pattern going from more
broken initial release, then progressively more badly broken patches
afterwards. Whatever happened to regression testing or at least testing a
patch to see if it works?

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