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RE: [SLE] Hard Drives
  • From: "Greg Wallace" <jgregw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 14:20:47 -0800

On Wednesday, April 06, 2005 @1:30 PM Felix Miata wrote:

>Greg Wallace wrote:

> I was just looking at the Seagate web site. Looks like they don't make an
> Ultra ATA/133 drive (ATA/100 but not ATA/133). I did some web browsing on
> the 133 and, apparently, this was first introduced by Maxtor. I also saw
> tech article that seemed to indicate that many PCs can't make use of the
> extra throughput anyway. That article was a bit old, so I just wondered
> there really is any performance advantage of a 133 vs a 100?

>I'm pretty sure the difference is little more than theoretical. ATA133
>hit about the same time as SATA150, so some manufacturers never have
>bothered to embrace ATA133. My newest motherboard
>has Intel's ICH6 chipset, which has a PATA max of 100, along with 150
>for SATA. That motherboard also has PATA RAID, IT8212F @ 133.

>Here are some benchmarks I just recorded, but I don't know whether the
>PATA Hitachi is 100 or 133. Probably it is 100.

> Samsumg SATA & Hitachi
> Hitachi SATA & Hitachi
>PATA (on IT8212F)
> Hitachi PATA (on ICH6) &
>Hitachi SATA
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Thanks for the input. I added an extra note to this post of mine right
after I posted it about the fact that I will be running USB 2 external for
the drive I get. So, I might not even get the full capability of 100 coming
through that setup. Maybe it would make no difference in my case even if it
might on some other configurations. Then again, I know very little about
these types of hardware considerations.

Greg Wallace

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