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Re: [SLE] Duelling SAMBAs
  • From: elefino <kevinmcl@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 14:14:37 -0500
  • Message-id: <200501031414.37774.kevinmcl@xxxxxxxx>
On Monday 03 January 2005 09:17, Örn Einar Hansen wrote:
> Þann Mánudagur 03 janúar 2005 04:51 skrifaði elefino:
> > Also, on a newly installed SuSE 9.2 system, is there any reason why
> > YaST should not be completely sufficient to get SAMBA working?
> Depends on what you want samba to do, if I remember correctly then
> YaST doesn't have the "tools" to setup samba as a PDC, or BDC. Or to
> use LDAP as an auth server. For that, you need SLES or to edit the
> files directly.
> > That is, is there
> > any possible setup parameter for SAMBA that would need me to edit the
> > files directly?
> Yes.
> > I haven't even considered printing yet; just file/directory
> > shares, so this config must be about as simple as it gets for SAMBA,
> > right?
> If you have the printer on the same machine as samba, then I don't
> think you need to do anything. The default samba, exports the printcap
> file and thus it's ready to accept printing ... unless the rights aren't
> correctly setup by default, then you'd need to edit the configuration.
> Adding file shares is simple, YaST can handle that easily.

This is another part I don't really understand. I have my SuSE9.2-only
PC running SAMBA server and Client. Downstairs, in her office, my wife
has the dual-boot machine, running (eventually) SAMBA server and client
(when she's booted in Linux, and running nothing much when she's booted
in Win98), and also connected to the laser printer.

My machine (SuSE9.2-only) is on all the time. Hers may or may not be on,
and if on, it may be booted in SuSE9.2 or in Win98. The main thing that I
want is for either machine to be able to read/write shared files on the
other, regardless of which O/S she is running. If I can also print from
my SuSE9.2-only machine through her machine (where the printer is
connected to the parallel port) sometimes, then that is gravy, but is
secondary to the file-sharing need.

> You don't need to do anything to make samba a server, as all samba
> machines are servers ... only thing you need to do, is to add shares in
> YaST. And it's also appropriate to have the workgroup the same for both
> samba machines, it simplifies browsing. Just setup a different netbios
> name for each machine.

OK... I was looking at SAMBA as server and client separately, because that
is how YaST presents it. In the Client setup, all it asks is for the
workgroup in which the client will be working, and wether or not to use
SMB information for Linux authentication (I left that box unchecked because
I didn't understand the implications and because it was unchecked by
default and my philosophy is to accept defaults unless I know a good
reason to change).

Are you saying that upstairs, I can use YaST to configure Server and
Client, and downstairs I can just start Client and that automatically
starts a server on that machine, too? In that case, SuSE should always
start those modules together, or else the naive user assumes that they
are separate functions and that the other does not need to be configured
when the one is configured.

Kevin (who will tweak some settings and try again, as soon as wifey gets
off her machine)

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