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Unexpected ssh, firefox and thunderbird behavior
  • From: Jim Sabatke <jsabatke@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:20:30 -0600
  • Message-id: <41AE980E.6070501@xxxxxxxxxx>
This just started happening with new versions of firefox and thunderbird.

With firefox:
1. ssh to remote machine. Same user name as on both boxes
2. Start firefox on remote machine
3. firefox runs, with setup from the "local" machine. Remote machine has no bookmarks. Bookmarks and all other setup data, only available on local machine are displayed.
4. No matter what user runs firefox on the remote machine, the local machine's user's data are used.
5. Downloads are saved to the user's directory on the local machine.

Biggest annoyance: Don't want local anything when running webmin and similar web apps. I often have multiple instances of firefox running on different machines, displayed on one box.

With thunderbird
1. Won't run an instance of thunderbird on remote machine if username is the same as a user running thunderbird on the local machine.
2. Will run an instance of thunderbird, with proper configuration, if the same username is NOT running on the local machine.

Biggest annoyance: It isn't really. I don't care about this one really, but tried it after the firebird problem.

I don't understand how this can happen, as I thought ssh would run the program on the remote box and only display it on the local box. Is there some sort of option I'm missing? I ssh to the remote box with "ssh -X name@machine"

Am I seeing something strange, or misunderstanding ssh, or is this a software problem with the Mozilla stuff?



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