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Re: [SLE] 9.1 > 9.2 question
  • From: "Joe Polk" <listuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 17:12:03 -0400
  • Message-id: <20041228210437.M51941@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
There are many posts here relating to issues with 9.2. It was because of
these that I was very apprehensive about making the move from 9.0. I did
anyway. I found several issues, as I've posted here before, that made me give
it up. Some probably cannot completely attributed to SuSE as I think the new
kernel had issues with my monitor (a monitor that worked fine with 9.0).
Others were klugy issues that could have been corrected with some decent QA.
I'm disappointed, really, that Novell didn't QA the product better. The only
machine I have that might have ran it decently was my server but I never
installed it there. In my opinion, it came across as a rushed product and
frankly appeared that way in KDE. That's my opinion and my experience. I don't
do anything funky with my desktop install. I don't recompile the kernel, I
don't customize my menus really. It's just a straight, out-of-the-box install.
Others have had great success with it and are obviously able to get beyond
some of the bloopers. For me, my choice, it was just not worth my money. I
hope the next version is better because I am behind Novell's Linux efforts


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> On Monday 27 December 2004 01:40 pm, Joe Polk wrote:
> > Congratulations on having only mouse issues with your 9.2 upgrade!
> > You're one of the lucky ones.
> >
> Actually, if you had problems, I would restate that to say you are
> one of the unfortunate ones.
> While certainly not scientific, look at the archives for the past
> couple of years . Load each month and write down the number of
> messages received that month. You can spot the release months
> pretty closely by looking for a surge in emails... except this
> release. While there are some surges not located around a release,
> there are no releases without a surge... except for 9.2.
> Doug
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