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RE: [SLE] 9.1 > 9.2 question
  • From: "Kevin Krieser" <kkrieser@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:46:02 -0600
  • Message-id: <20041229234603.D2BFA10E984@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I know that I'm having a few problems with my 9.1 distribution. Don't know
the cause, but I can no longer get a login prompt on my virtual terminals.
And YaST was giving me problems the other day when I wanted to change my X
screen resolution.

Since I didn't receive the 9.2 upgrade for Christmas, and some other
expenses have come up, I've decided to backup my home directories to another
computer, and reinstall 9.1 (which I paid for) and see if it works again.
Will do a fresh install. Have to backup the system because 9.1 doesn't like
XFS, so I'll have to reformat the drives first.

I haven't tried WiFi yet with Suse, though it works on an old laptop with
White Box Linux. But I took the easy route for my desktop and bought an
external WiFi bridge.

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> Umm...well, I have to respond now don't I. Wish denied.
> But seriously, I have given details in previous posts and have already
> outlined some of them in this thread. Look, I'm not shattering your belief
> system, it's just a single version of a distro. Calm down.
> Goto your Games menu and look for the Chess game. Aha! The menu isn't
> setup
> right. Now goto to the KDE Menu Editor and try to fix it. If you're even
> close to successful it will take some time and fanagling.
> WiFi going away? On my planet it's very popular. Not only that, the masses
> like it. It would behove a distro to support it. And let's try to support
> cards that you can actually walk in a retail store and by. For years all I
> heard was "My Orinoco works fine! I got it at "" for $35!"
> Again, it's in the best interest of all concerned to support popular
> hardware.
> I realize there are limits and obstacles, but make it a goal.
> For the record, as I've already said, this was a fresh install. NOT an
> upgrade. But what if I did? If upgrading doesn't work, then my point is
> given
> even MORE weight, no? BTW this was a stock kernel on 2 different machines.
> Congrats that you have had a flawless installation. I bet, however, I
> could
> find problems in your menus if they haven't been altered and I'm confident
> I
> can illustrate problems with the menu editor. And I've already said these
> may
> be more of a problem with KDE than SuSE. Though the cosmetic problems are
> definitely SuSE and a QA issue.
> I'm not angry here and in fact enjoy the discourse. I'm glad many have had
> a
> great experience with 9.2. I didn't and from what I've read many haven't.
> It's
> threads like this that I hope will make someone take notice and think
> about
> better QA, better support, better distro's in general. Please don't treat
> me
> like I'm advocating that we all give up and install XP! I consider this a
> friendly discussion. Though I admit, my intent is to challenge and get
> some
> attention to these issues so that version 10 is considerably better.
> --
> <<JAV>>
> > I wish you'd stop top posting.
> >
> > You don't give anything like details, but I haven't seen anything
> > like what you mention in 9.2 yet, and I've been running it since the
> > week it shipped. Sounds like you tried to "upgrade" rather than do a
> > proper install.
> >
> > Personally, I suspect Wi-Fi is going to be another flash in the pan.
> > WEP will survive even a half-assed attack for a few minutes at best,
> > and practically no one locks their hubs down properly, which makes
> > for fascinating reading but lousy networks - I figure most of the people
> > who are trying to use it are going to be moving to hardwire in a year
> > or less, so I don't see a point in spending a lot of effort on it.
> >
> > The whole hotplug idea is a major paradigm shift for linux, so I can
> > see it taking a while to get there.
> >
> > I do wish they'd stop fooling around with sound though. OSS, Alsa,
> > etc., and about half of the applications work with a given sound
> > system.
> >
> > Mike-
> >
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> > If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs...
> > You may have a great career as a network administrator ahead!
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