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Re: [SLE] {OT - anti - flame - post} Re: [SLE] SuSE9.2 64-Bit installation problems
  • From: Jerry Westrick <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 11:35:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <200411191135.49089.jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 19 November 2004 11:01, Brian Berrigan wrote:
> I find this thread interesting and helpful. As a Suse novice
> i have found that much of their documentation is rather terse
> and cryptic, and written above the understanding level of
> new migrants to the OS. That is, it assumes (at times) that one
> size-fits-all and obviously cannot get too large or expensive.
> And it is often rather fragmented and not easy to find/follow.

That is true. That is understandable of them. Documentation is dificult but
they do a good job, it just doesn't cover the newbie's needs, but then again
what does? It's almost impossible to get rid of misconceptions by reading,
the brain sees what is prepared to see...

> This is why this great list fills such a valuable need, in patiently
> helping 'us' over the early mysteries. I would like to see some
> optional documentation, written simply and clearly for 'newbies'
> to digest, prior to them moving up to the 'main' guides, info
> files and how-to's. Perhaps an interactive CD or DVD would do it,
> or a downloadable FAQ with a clear and simple hand-holding style.
This is very difficult for "Gurus" to write as the details tend to get in the
way. But, since OpenSource is a joint venture, may some newbie, could
methodically track his questions, confusions, and the resolutions, and then
present them as optional documentation, or perhaps an interactive CD. Even a
downloadable FAQ would be helpfull! ;-)

> I think it might reduce the repetition and frustration levels, and
> if the archived messages were made more obvious as a source to be
> consulted, that too could alleviate the problems of new users.

to this we all agree...

> AndersJ has helped me greatly by his patience, his expertise and
> his willingness to explain interactions and misconceptions. If he
> recently got a bit ticked at a rude, demanding email it is not
> surprising.

It is difficult to reply time and time again to the same questions, and still
be polite. It is impossible (for me at least) to answer politely to people
who are impolitely demanding things of me (to which they also have no right
to demand). Since I tend to answer impoliteness with impoliteness, (a grave
failure on my side), I simple ignore them (most of the time!). I don't know
how AndersJ manages it... He's simply a better person than I.

> Please accept my heartfelt appreciation, all u gurus!

I do not consider my self a guru, but I do have a suggestion. I've noticed
that there is a reluctance (in us mid-level guys) to actually post answers.
In me it's a fear of "Egg on the face", and the knowledge that my betters can
give a better answer, and are reading this too. I feel this is where a
change is needed, if we middle guys answered the newbie's questions, (even if
it's only by doing mail list searches and reposting previous answers) the
great burden on the "guru's" will be lessened and at the same time the
newbie's can be helped, over the steep learning curve at the beginning. I
think that for every help you get you should feel morally indebted to help 3
people back. And if we middies get of course, then the Gurus can jump in and
help out. The best way to learn is to teach!

That's my 2 cents, now you can proceed to throw egg on my face ;-)


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