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Re: [SLE] new v9.2 is out
  • From: Danny Sauer <suse-linux-e.suselists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:32:17 -0500
  • Message-id: <20041012133217.G22745@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Last off-topic post here (sorry to those who don't care):

John wrote regarding 'Re: [SLE] new v9.2 is out' on Tue, Oct 12 at 12:51:
> To Danny Sauer,et al: Your credentials are not in question, only the
> fact that ALL versions of Mozilla/Netscape/Firebird and others are very,
> very related in the code used to compile them! That cannot be denied,

And it's not denied. In fact, it's explicitly listed several times in
the message that you replied to.

> but AOL, if it even contributes to the, is only one of many
> companies that do, and I wonder why you did not mention them?

If you go to, click "about", and read about the mozilla
foundation, you'll see that AOL's Netscape division is the only contributor
listed. I wonder why they don't list the other 500+ contributors?

> If you use
> Linux, the Mozilla based browsers are the only real secure way to go.
> Sure you could use Wine and a MSFT product, but why?

I don't know. You're the only one suggesting that. I merely mentioned
that Netscape is dead. Netscape is a company that makes a browser suite
called Communicator. The current release of Communicator is little more
than a skin on top of a browser that's made by a different company - The
Mozilla Foundation. Netscape is not literally dead, but they're effectively
irrelevant, because all of the useful development is happening at The
Mozilla Foundation.

> When you do so, all
> you are doing is using up cpu overhead you could have used for something
> else, plus you open yourself to all kinds of viruses and hackers!! If
> you use a laptop, this is even more pronounced a problem! Danny Sauer, I
> had hoped to ask you for some help on Linux, but it is obvious that is a
> waste of time, and I can guarantee you there are thousands of people on
> Linux that use Mozilla based products! Your credentials, obviously, do
> not cover accounting for total use of a product! :-(

If you had read my message, you would have noticed that I use Firefox on
a daily basis. I'm the reason that Firefox is the standard browser on
each and every Windows, Mac, and Linux workstation at my place of employ.
I have personally installed mozilla-based browsers on hundreds of machines.
"Creating Applications with Mozilla" is open on my desk right now. You
would be hard-pressed to find someone who pushes Mozilla more than me.
My love and respect for the gecko rendering engine + mozilla application
platform in no way relates to the viability of the Netscape division of
AOL, though. Not that I expect you to understand, but I figured I'd give
you another chance. Everyone gets confused once in a while.

As this has regressed into little more than a flame, though, this marks
the end of my participation in this discussion. If you, John, still have
a Linux question that you think I'd specifically be of help with, do feel
free to ask. I will not hold earlier confusions against you.

--Danny, who's exclusively used mozilla, on Linux, since the early beta
versions (before Netscape Communicator 6 was released)
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