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Re: [SLE] new v9.2 is out
  • From: Allen <gorebofh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 04:00:57 -0400
  • Message-id: <20041013080057.GD15212@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 09:26:07PM -0400, James Knott wrote:
> Allen wrote:
> >Too me, I think people using computers now are spoiled. You have pretty
> >GUIs, a mouse for everything, and NO ONE actually HAS to learn coding to
> >use one.
> >
> >I like using a GUI, becaue well, text pron sucks, and I like watching
> >video, and being on Gaim, and Kopete, but as for right now, I have Amarok
> >playing a play list and I'm on Gaim and Kopete, but I'm in a VC text only
> >checking my E-Mail.
> >
> >Do you agree that kids now have it easy? Including me of course, I got my
> >first computer 5 years ago and just started using UNIX based OSs a year
> >ago. I don't have to learna nything, I can just click and drool on the
> >keyboard. I'm quite tired of it really.
> >
> >I feel I've missed out on the golden days of PCs because of a GUI. People
> >who have beeb on computers longer have it better, you guys know how to
> >code, you know networking inside and out and your OS inside and out. I had
> >to force myself to learn all that. I still can't program for crap, and I'll
> >blame that on GUIs too, because lookign at older computers and thwe web
> >pages that talk about them, everyone knew how to code in at least basic,
> >and in the 70s, even Macs came with Hex. I feel like a GUI is nothing more
> >than a bondage instrument to hold you down.
> I bought my first computer, an IMSAI 8080, in Nov. 1976. This was a
> kit, where the components came in plastic bags and had to be soldered
> onto the circuit boards etc. It came with no software and even memory
> was an extra cost option. I had to write my own device drivers to get
> the hardware to work. At one point I even designed and built from
> scratch, and 8 port serial I/O card. There were no disk drives, just a
> couple of audio cassette drives, which could zip along at 300
> bits/second. Back in those days, you really knew your computer, inside
> out.

See, you had to work at it and actually learn too use it. Now like these
drooling half wits called The Great Unwashed that buy a Gateway at the
store, plug it in and still complain it's too hard.

> Also, back in those days, we had to whittle our own chips from wood... ;-)

Heh, my LAN class teacher was an Assembler coder for 22 years. He would
write code for Motorola 68K Processors and do it all on UNIX Terminals.
Bastard, he actually got to do those things. Not that writing Assembler is
something I'm thinking about doing, I hate coding, but spending all
nighters with your friends coding and having fun, It's something I'll
probably never do.

And now a question:

Why is an Xterm called that after a Terminal when a Terminal is where
something ends.... What were they thinking calling it that. Isn't it
properly called a console? Or what? What do you call a box that's only
using a command line, like run level 3....That's not a Terminal is it? I
have no idea what to call these things, because I've been told Terminal is
where something ends, so it would be console, but... OK I've confused
myself.... I think I'm going to run too the store and get a pack of smokes

So what is a Terminal, and what is a console? Someone help! ;)

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