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Re: A few questions
  • From: John Pettigrew <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 10:26:47 +0100
  • Message-id: <gemini.i1tbkn00mph0g06nc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
In a previous message, Chadley Wilson <chadley@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I can't use locate in SUSE 9.1 Pro is there a reason why it isn't installed?

As with SUSE for ages, it's in a separate package (findutils-locate or
something like that). IIRC, it's not installed by default because running
update-db slows the system down (of course), which caused problems for some

> I often like to run a programs such as the konqueror or nautilus when I just
> want to copy selected files, it works out a bit quicker than the command
> line. But when I open a shell and su - and run konqueror as root from from
> shell it doesn't work, I get a "can't open Display :0 error",

Have you tried sux instead? This is designed for running X programs (the PATH
is set appropriately). If it's not that, try deleting /root/.Xauthority - that
has caused me problems in the past that sound similar to yours.

> Then I noticed that suse 9.1 is very much slower than any other distro I
> have ever installed.

Other people have reported the same - search the archives for possible
solutions. FWIW, I have no such problems here (which isn't much help, I know,
but does at least show that it's not an intrinsic problem but specific to
certain setups).

> Lastly Surley there must be a list of repositories some where. I have tried
> installing apt and now my system is broken, and I blame the fact that I had
> to try and solve the 500 dependencies manually.

There are big warnings when installing apt to ensure that you don't mess up
your system when you first do an update. Indeed, this is the reason I've never
used it. The problem is that some repositories use slightly different systems
to the standard, so will drag in a whole lot of packages that they need, but
that then breaks other things. Once you try to do it manually, that introduces
a whole new hell.

Probably the best thing to do is to use YaST to revert to the original
packages from the install discs and do a YOU update, then install the extra
packages you want individually using rpm (or KPackage or similar) rather than

> There must be other repos available witch I can add to kpackage or one of
> the package managers that I can download a new version of Xine and
> libdvdcss2 for example and all the dependencies are handled by the app not
> me.

There is no shortcut to using apt - you need to set it up properly or it can
cause problems. However, once it's set up it does apparently save lots of

If there are only a few packages that you want it will probably be easier just
to download them from a site like Packman (,
which lists all the dependencies right there and provides links for almost all
of them. Then just use KPackage to install the RPMs - drag the whole batch in
at once and it will sort them into the right order for you.


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