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Re: [SLE] HowTos for a home LAN
  • From: Stephen W <winstephen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 14:42:21 -0700 (PDT)
  • Message-id: <20040417214221.36951.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Vince - and all:

>>>> snip <<<<<<
> >
> > I have zip-silch-zero experience in networks.
> > However, there are now three computers here at
> home
> > and I would sure like to tie them together. What

>>> snip <<<<
> For the above, a network is possible. As 2 of the 3
> do window$, you are
> looking at running Samba on your network.
> Your biggest issue is establishing a configuration
> which will play with your
> wife's machine, while maintaining her work config.
> This could be an advanced
> topic, depending on what you want to do and how her
> work have configured the
> machine.

Better leave that alone ... the IT Admin at work has
qthing passworded and nothing can be changed unlwss he
does it... He is willing to have her bring in
anything she wants loaded and does it for her.

She would like to have asscess to a lot of files she
has on her old M$ desktop here at home without dumping
it to a floppy and then taking it to the laptop.
Would seem that is not a good idea...

What I may do is just put the two boxes side-beside
here at my desk and set a switch box between them to
share the monitor.

Another problem I was wanting to get around was I-net
access... sometimes her wireless connection doe snot
work here at home... and I thought if a home LAN could
be established she could use that. O well, ...

> > As for a hard-wire solution: My house is wired for
> > telephone
> > in every room and there are four pairs of wires in
> > each box, but only one pair is being used for
> > telephone service, do if worse comes to worst
> could I
> > use some of those extra 6 wires?)
> Networking down telephone wires is probably not
> impossible, but it is an
> advanced topic, which I would suggest you leave well
> alone for the time

> Thirdly, doing both in the same cable
> and mixing telephone
> voltages with your ethernet cards - and the issues
> of earthing, mutual
> capacitance and lightning protection are so
> advanced, that if you could frame
> the right questions, you might not be asking them
> here...

The extra wires in the boxes are not connected to
anything... only the blue/white pair are used to
provide phone connections. The orange/white -
green/white and brown/white are unused and not
connected to anything... just part aof the cable that
runs from box to box...

Stephen W
Sarasota, FL

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