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RE: [SLE] Two network cards (dual-homed), two gateways?Desparatefor help
  • From: Preston Crawford <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 05:45:39 -0700
  • Message-id: <1081428338.11349.13.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 01:49, Damon Jebb wrote:
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> But I'm not routing between the networks. So I'm confused. I simply have
> a computer that happens to be on two networks. Does that still make it
> a router? And if so, what is the proper routing configuration to make
> this work?
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> That depends on whether machines on one network need to see machines on
> the other. If they do then the machine that straddles the networks has
> to be a router for the two networks, and incidentally the machines on
> both networks will need to be able to talk to each other because the
> communication is in effect a conversation. Do any machines that connect
> to Samba via SSH need to see or access any other 10. network machines?

No. There is no communication between the 10 and 192 networks. That's
why I keep using the term "stradle". It's the best way I can think of to
describe this situation. This server serves out (via samba) files to two
different networks. But computers on each network never talk to
computers on the other network. And, in fact, they shouldn't. That's why
they're separate networks. The 10 network box should see the server (and
there is only 1) and the 192 boxes should see the server, but they
should never see each other. Hope that clears that up.

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> The sticking point is this. The 10 network on the server is not like
> DIRECTLY connected to the machine trying to get to the samba share. And
> there's a little indirection on the SSH side, because we're trying to
> get to SSH via a virtual server on our firewall (i.e. the firewall says
> all SSH requests for me get passed onto this internal server). So I'm
> guess that the fact that it's configured as described above, could
> contribute to the problem I'm having. I just need to figure out the
> proper routing configuration to enable both things (Samba over the 10
> and SSH over the 192 through the firewall) to work at the same time.
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> So, the Samba server is not on this machine? It's somewhere on the 10.
> network? That would explain a lot. You need to understand that this

No, I must have poorly worded that. Samba IS on this machine, the
server. It's on this machine and serving itself out to two different
networks, 10 and 192. What I was trying to say is that the computer
trying to get to the samba share, the client to the server in this case,
isn't AS directly connected to the server as the clients on the 192
network are. I threw that in (and it probably caused confusion) just in
case that was part of the problem.

> server is indeed routing. You then need to setup routing so that it
> works between the networks. You could put the routes to the two
> networks in the expert mode in YaST. They will look like...

So either way, though, there is no routing taking place here. The server
simply serves two networks. The 192 and the 10. No computer ever talks
to a computer on the other network and visa versa. They simply all talk
to the same server via different networks.


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