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Re: [SLE] k3b only burns first few MB of data to CDs on a Pioneer 8x8 DVD-CDDD-RW
  • From: Pagan <pagan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 23:17:48 -0600
  • Message-id: <200404012317.58144.pagan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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I was given a suggestion earlier today on this list. It seems to be working
(at least thus far) for my problems. Which are similiar to yours.
If you care to read her email look for the subject line:

Re: [SLE] cdrecord failures

Diana's suggestion reposted for your posterity:

>I had the same problem and four days ago I finally can resolved.

>You have to desactived the SuSEplugger before you want to burn cd's, and
>if you use k3b you have to select DAO write mode not auto.

>I wish this works for you,

>Diana P.

On Thursday 01 April 2004 22:53, Bob S. wrote:
> On Thursday 01 April 2004 02:52 am, JW wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I just installed a Pioner 8x8|3x3|24x24 CD/DVD combo burner (PIONEER
> > DVD-RW DVR-107D) and can't get k3b to burn or copy music or data CDs.
> I have an older Matshita.
> > 1. I have setup ide-scsi emulation
> ................<snip the rest>......... and have done all of the same.
> > What always happens is the first 5, 10 20 MBs of data are written to
> > the CD, then it stops with an error such as:
> >
> > Input/Output error: no necessarily serious
> > cdrecord returned an unknown error
> > (code 254)
> Again, the same
> > I have run k3b setup also, that did not improve or change the
> > situation.
> >
> > Any ideas what the real problem is, and how to fix it?
> I am running 8.2 and KDE 3.2 (3.1.5 before that) So I don't believe it
> is a "version" problem. I can use cdrecord just fine. Have searched
> wherever I could think of for that error number, can't see to find
> anything.
> Will be watching carefully in case someone can come up with the answer.
> Sorry I couldn't help but at least you know you are not the only one.
> Bob S.
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