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Local and Remote Display Managers and Sessions
  • From: "Terje J. Hanssen" <nteknikk@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 02:45:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <403809C5.9020803@xxxxxxxx>
I have tested running both local and remote X apps concurrently on my Linux desktop in its local GDM/Gnome session.

Now I just wonder:

Is it possible to run both a local and a remote display manager and session, suspending one and/or switching between them?
E.g running Gnome/GDM local on my SuSE Linux host and open an XDMCP remote CDE/dtlogin to a sun/Solaris host. That is suspend one of them without logout when switching between them.

If possible, are two X servers and/or two different sequence numbers (:0 and :1) needed, one for each of the display managers/sessions?

If possible or not, which options do we have and how-to configure/select remote XDMCP connections to other hosts on Gnome and KDE?

On my SJDS (Gnome/SLES8.1 based), there is a selection on the local login menu for XDMCP query remote host or chooser. I have tried this selection without finding or getting dtlogin from my Solaris host.
Another X terminal and a thin Linux client get this dtlogin OK.

Suggestions to other special configurations that have to be checked/made on the Linux box, beyond this menue selection?

Kind regards,
Terje J. Hanssen

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