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Re: [SLE] GRUB menu.lst entry questions (boot splash verbosity)
  • From: Philip Amadeo Saeli <psaeli@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 21:22:49 -0800
  • Message-id: <20031229052248.GA21834@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Ken Schneider <suselist@xxxxxxxx> [2003.12.28 14:07]:
> Have a look at:
> /usr/share/doc/packages/suselinux-adminguide_en/html
> It has a rather large section on grub.

I've looked extensively through all the GRUB dox, including those on the
GNU site without finding -any- reference to this. Seems that at least
some of this may be SuSE specific?

However, I have discovered two pkgs related to the graphical boot

1. gfxboot* - GRUB (and LILO?) graphical boot scheme.
2. bootsplash* - Linux kernel graphical boot scheme.

One appears to control the boot menu and the other the actual kernel
boot messages display.

I still haven't had a chance to make some boot tests to see exactly how
things work, though (been playing with the kids & their new toys).

I'm wondering if the GRUB default is set at the time the GRUB boot block
is installed? This would seem to be inconsistent with the dynamic
nature of GRUB, being able to simply edit the menu.lst file to change
things, etc.

[Sigh ...]


Philip Amadeo Saeli
SuSE Linux 8.2

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