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Re: [SLE] SCSI devices
  • From: Joe Dufresne <nqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 11:27:53 -0800
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|> Actually, I'm wondering the same thing. i'm thinking maybe if I take
|> out the dremel tool and soldering iron, I could splice on enough pins.
|> that would make it SCSI, right? ;-)
|> Joe
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| AHA! that's where Linux gets clever, you can do it very easily for a
| 2.4.x kernel, 2.6.0 does away with the need for ide-scsi, to great
| cheers. The original poster has no doubt seen my post and is up and
| running and smiling.
| Regards
| Sid.

Yes, Yes, but I _need_ a pair of 75 gig scsi drives for use in a raid
setup. since the street price for one seems to be about $350, and I
can't afford that, can't i just modify a IDE drive by soldering on more
pins to make it a scsi drive? it would be so much easier...

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