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Re: [SLE] Apache fails to start at boot
  • From: rouvas <rouvas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:55:25 +0300
  • Message-id: <200307211855.25756.rouvas@xxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 18 July 2003 04:29, Lars Norén wrote:
> It happened to me after I installed the nVIDIA drivers for my graphics
> card.

That must be it!
I also have nVIDIA drivers installed. I admit that I don't recall what was
Apache's behaviour without those drivers since I installed them right after
system install, but I never had any problem with any OSS before and nVIDIA's
drivers aren't OSS...
as as workaround you could place the following in a cronjob

/etc/rc.d/apache status > /dev/null
if [ ! $? ]; then /etc/rc.d/apache start; fi

which would start Apache if it is down for whatever reason.


> I started in failsafe mode - the nVIDIA installation program quits if X
> is running, and failsafe mode seemed to be the simplest option - logged
> in as root, did the "sh"-thing and all
> went really fine building and installing the correct nVIDIA-drivers, but
> when I rebooted, Apache didn't start as usual any longer. Activating 3D
> went fine as well and nVIDIA's white screen was there and flashed every
> time X started and I could play 3D-games, but Apache still didn't start
> at boot.
> Installing Apache2 fixed it - Apache2 starts at boot - but a web server
> without PHP and phpMyAdmin when you work as webmaster and want to dive
> into MySQL and learn about PHP? No, that won't do.
> Something happened when I installed the nVIDIA drivers - that was the
> only thing I did different apart from the normal use during earlier
> sessions. Earlier installations of programs, both from SuSE-DVD and
> usr-local-bin, never affected Apache or stopped it from starting at boot.
> /Lars
> John Lamb wrote:
> > rouvas wrote:
> >> ...but starts OK if manually started by means of "/etc/rc.d/apache
> >> start" or "rcapache start".
> >>
> >> This happens on a clean installation of SuSE.8.2.Pro.
> >>
> >> Anybody knows why this is happening? or how it can be fixed?
> >>
> >> Do you think it is SuSEFirewall2 related? I have it installed but
> >> deactivated.
> >
> > It seems to happen to a small number of users and isn't related to the
> > firewall. One 'fix' is to use Apache2 instead.

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