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RE: [SLE] SCO Owns Your Computer(OT)
  • From: Jonathan Shilling <jshilling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:43:39 -0500
  • Message-id: <3795BC266939144E89CE404316246CE35090BD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Interesting to note that System V was originally tainted by FreeBSD code, I
just wonder if Caldera/SCO cut & pasted Linux code into System V? A lot of
the functionality that they claim linux stole from System V, System V did
not have in the first place. Remember, it used to be just a single Intel
processor unix system. VERY basic.

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> From: Kelly Fulks [mailto:kfulks@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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> Subject: Re: [SLE] SCO Owns Your Computer(OT)
> On Tuesday 17 June 2003 01:26, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
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> > I wish IBM could just buy them already and Open Source all
> the System V
> > code.
> >
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> Well, with everything that I am reading, I am not sure that
> IBM purchasing SCO
> would allow them to Open Source System V. It seems that
> Novell is claiming
> that they still own parts, and maybe AT&T is thinking the
> same thing. It
> seems that possibly a big part of this suit will be for the courts to
> determine who actually owns what. It may turn out that SCO
> spent a lot of
> money for almost nothing (which would just break my heart NOT).
> What are the ramifications of that however? It would change
> the future for
> SCO (like they would go away almost immediately), but would
> someone else the
> spring the same suit against IBM, SGI, or who else? It might
> actually work
> out best for Linux if the courts determined that SCO owns
> System V and that
> SCO themselves tainted the code (thus GPL'ing the part that
> they are sueing
> over) and that would put them under then also.
> Of course the other scenario is that SCO devulges what code
> is suspect (early
> in the trial) and the kernel gurus start re-writing code
> immediately. Then
> the outcome of the trial would really have a limited effect
> as by the time
> this trial will be over, the entire kernel could be
> re-written from the
> ground up most likely. So, it turns out that SCO owns 2.4.x,
> but we are all
> running 3.y.x which has none of that code in it.
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