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Install/Partioning Help
  • From: "Bob S." <usr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 02:20:52 -0400
  • Message-id: <200306060220.52656.usr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Suse People,

Doing a fresh install of 8.2 over 8.0. (Personal) Want to change some
of my partitions around some. No size changes. Have some questions at
the partitioning screen. I am somewhat familiar with hard drive

The drive is hdb. ( 30 gigs) This was the 8.0 setup. hdb1 = /, hdb2
=extended, hdb3 =/usr, hdb5 =/newlinux, hdb6 =swap, hdb7=fat32, hdb8

Now at the partioning screen Yast suggests/has added another logical
partion, hdb9 =/ which is 1.9 gigs. Don't know where it got it from
and is scheduled to be formatted. NONE... of the other drives,
regular or logical will be formatted. Don't understand this because
hdb1 was the original / . Does this mean that all of the old boot
stuff from / will remain? Will hdb3 =usr remain?? ( can't be ! )

The reason for the repartitioning is that I would like to create a
/home partition

I do NOT want Yast to touch /newlinux or /data but would like to
change them from ext2 to ext3. Would that cause data loss with that

I am thinking accept hdb9 =/ as suggested by Yast even though it is
only 1.9 gigs,( worry about var, opt, etc.) and then format the
original hdb1 from / to /home.

Or, would it be better to format the original hdb1 and reuse it? ( 4.5
gigs) Then use the newfound hdb9 for something else. I would like my
/home partition to be bigger than 1.9 gigs though.

PLEASE !! Correct my thinking if I am wrong!

I could also create an LVM / LVM's? But I have no idea about that.
Can anyone direct me to the "Administration Guide"

Hope that some partitioning guru will give me some advice here.

Bob S.

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