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Re: [SLE] error in sendmail standard config?
  • From: Patrick <sml@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 18:55:44 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
At 21:14 29.04.2003 +0200, Carlos wrote:
> >Could be. Do you have a local dns server? If you don't, perhaps you could
> >set one as cache, and perhaps the "not found" answer would be inmediate.
> >I'm unsure of this, but you could try.
> I use a local dns server - but I think, since the the inactive RBL is
> like a dead dns server, you cannot avoid the timeout.

Mmm :-? Yes, probably. But... that would be once you find the correct rbl
server, and I think you said the default one was wrong. Once you configure
the right one, then speeding it up would be a different matter, I guess.
Could be documented somewhere :-?

I believe that it should be possible with the following options
(found them in /usr/share/sendmail/m4/proto.m4):

_OPTION(Timeout.resolver.retrans, `confTO_RESOLVER_RETRANS', `5s')
_OPTION(Timeout.resolver.retrans.first, `confTO_RESOLVER_RETRANS_FIRST', `5s')
_OPTION(Timeout.resolver.retrans.normal, `confTO_RESOLVER_RETRANS_NORMAL', `5s')
_OPTION(Timeout.resolver.retry, `confTO_RESOLVER_RETRY', `4')
_OPTION(Timeout.resolver.retry.first, `confTO_RESOLVER_RETRY_FIRST', `4')
_OPTION(Timeout.resolver.retry.normal, `confTO_RESOLVER_RETRY_NORMAL', `4')

Lower the values for RETRANS and RETRY could lower the overall-time
for dns lookups (that's my assumption...).

I tried it with RETRANS of 3s and RETRY of 1, but I realized more "IP name
lookup failure" messages in /var/log/mail (I 'realized', that doesn't mean
that there were really more). Now I'm going with a RETRANS of 2s and a
RETRY of 2 - this should be high enough for a good RBL and low enough for
some other servers only waiting 30sec for an answer after the initial connect.

Bad is only, that I don't know how to proof, that this config-changes really
do what I want them to do. Perhaps starting sendmail in debug-mode could
reveal some informations, but in _which_ debug-mode (there seem to be a lot!)?


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