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KDE 3.1.1 RPM installation and dependencies
Dear all,

I'm trying to upgrade from KDE 3.0.3 to version 3.1.1 in SuSE 8.0, and
have downloaded the RPM packages from the LinuKS page
base.html. However, given the problems some people on this list have
reported with the upgrade, I'd like to proceed as cautiously as possible
from here. Please point me towards some answers if you can.

1.) Installation - In which order do I install the RPMs? It probably
makes sense to start with qt3, but what comes after that?

2.) Dependencies - I can't find a list of required libraries on the SuSE
pages referenced above. When I try to upgrade the qt3.rpm package, I
receive an error message telling me that qt3.0.3 is required. That
package is installed on my system! How come it isn't found?

3.) Caveats - Some people seem to have experienced some difficulty
after the upgrade, including some fonts issues. Are there any potential
conflicts or required upgrades outside KDE (e.g. Freetype) that I need
to attend to before or after upgrading KDE?

Many thanks,

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