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Re: [SLE] Linux isn't ready yet
  • From: Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 11:23:26 -0800
  • Message-id: <20030216192326.GA23609@xxxxxxxxx>

As I sit here having my morning coffee I'm reading this thread and
glancing over at IRC. I see this " Linux isn't ready..blah..blah" and
when I checked what was happening in the IRC channel that quite a few of
my friends hangout in..I see this...


[10:41] <mirth_> taking a new computer out for a spin to see how i like

[10:41] <mirth_> kinda nice

[10:41] <mirth_> w0rd

[10:42] <mirth_> it's weird, this thing makes less noise with two fans
than my old machine did with one

[10:43] <mirth_> the only gripe i have with this one is having
to deal with win2k

[10:43] <mirth_> errr, not win2k

[10:43] <mirth_> win xp

[10:43] <mirth_> i actually kinda like win2k... well, as much as
I can like any windows os

[10:43] <mirth_> but

[10:44] <mirth_> i can't figure my fucking way around XP
to save my life

[10:44] <mirth_> all this stupid hand-holding

[10:44] <mirth_> i don't NEED a wizard for every bloody

So I would take the above to mean that not even Windows works as every
end user would like. The guy who is speak in the snippet above is not a
computer geek by ANY stretch of the imagination but can get around ok
when using one. It seems to me that computers are not VCR's and
shouldn't be treated as such. If one is going to use a system such as
Windows, Linux or even OSX. Then one has to expect some kind of learning
curve to occur. The gentleman in the IRC snippet is pretty well verse in
Win2k because he's been using it for a couple years, but XP makes him there a big difference between XP and 2k? If there is and one
is willing to learn the in's and out's of XP..then why on earth are
people so adversed to learning how Linux works? It's no more difficult
it's just different and doesn't automatically do somethings. I believe
it's fear..fear of the unknown and big ole case of getting completely
adgitated over nothing to the point that one can't think.

I like Yoda's line to Luke in Empire Strikes Back. It discribes most of
this quite well when switching from one system to another.

" You must unlearn what you have learned. "

This is partly true..people must not thing that everything behaves
exactly the same...or frustration will set in. People bitch about this
when it comes to XP when coming from 2k, but they still stick with it.

/end babble.

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