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Re: [SLE] no Samba server in network neighborhood
  • From: Tom Emerson <osnut@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 10:11:36 -0800
  • Message-id: <200301071011.36219.osnut@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 07 January 2003 8:45 am, FX Fraipont wrote:
> Tom Emerson wrote:
> >[checking my own file I see I've set mine to use the actual interface --
> > per the above, this really isn't neccessary ...]
> AAARgh....
> Just when I thought you had found THE cause of all this, I remove the
> interface line in smb.conf, rename the log.nmbd file, kill the nmbd pid,
> restart nmbd, restart smbd, cross my fingers and toes, spit twice, turn
> aniclockwise seven times, and type ls /var/log/samba/log.nmbd, this is
> what I get:
[essentially the same problem -- trying to allocate port 137 on]

OK, "one last test..." per the docs, the default is to assign this "on every
broadcast capable network interface"; presumably your system does NOT have
interface "defined", so attempts to allocate on that network
should not be happening "but they are..." What happens if you explicitly add


[I believe .99 is the one you said was this host -- obviously, alter this if
I'm wrong...]

I'm beginning to think the error messages are a bit of a red herring -- you're
getting this message for address, which presumably isn't defined
[aside: try an "ifconfig" command at some point -- you might want to pipe
this to "more/less" or increase the number of lines in your terminal in case
this scrolls -- perhaps something "grabbed" this IP address, such as dhcp, so
your system is trying both...] so the error messages may be entirely correct,
but pointless -- the system may be successfully assigning/opening port 137 on
IP address, just not reporting it... [though netstat
would/should show listening on "", which means "whereever it comes

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