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Re: [SLE] SuSE 8.1 - Gnome2 -
  • From: James Ogley <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 08 Dec 2002 09:00:41 +0000
  • Message-id: <1039338040.7332.5.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I downloaded the orbit and orbit2 rpm's fromusr-local-bin, but they also
> do not include

Thanks for pointing this out, I may have forgotten to include it in the
spec file, will investigate on Monday...

> I have taken a chance and fooled the compiler by linking
> to

This will only *appear* to work at a guess, ORBit2 it designed for
GNOME2, ORBit for GNOME1, they have provide functions with the same
names for linking against, but it doesn't mean they're interchangeable.

> Seems to work, but now it wants to have and orbit2 does not
> have an .la library, so now I'm stuck again.
> Looks like gnomesword is just not ready for SuSE 8.1 yet. I suppose it
> will also not work with RH 8.0 and Mandrake 9.0 - any Gnome2 system.
> :-(

That's a bit of a brash statement, whether a system has GNOME2 installed
or not is irrelevant, the question is: does it have the necessary GNOME1
libraries installed? The answer here *should* be yes, but apparently in
your case is not. I'll investigate this on Monday too, see if I can
come up with an answer for you.
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