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Re: [SLE] SuSE 8.1 broken?
** Reply to message from Dragan Stancevic <visitor@xxxxxxxxxx> on Sun, 1 Dec
2002 13:26:29 -0800

> I am not trying to start a flame war or anything. I just want to know if other
> people had the same experience with SuSE8.1 as I did.

hi! and nope , geneally it was a piece of cake nd worked right out of hte box..
except for the YOU problem that was fixed w/ some command or other that made
it suddenly realise there really was somehting to do ... go get list , show
list , items chosen , go get the rpms and install ..

It's as easy as it can ever be , I suspect. No problems on the install at
all.... The updated nvidea drivers I had already downloaded and had them on a
backup cd .. so that went okay...

just the YOU not getting any updates when one would attempt it right afte the
install ... was teh only problme I had. As for hardware , it found and setup
everything I had, by it's correct brand name yet!.. Well , except it doesn't
see my Zaurus cradle w/ theZ plugged in .. but it does see the card reader out
of the box and w/o a reboot!! wow!

And yeah , it looks great!
However, in our SOHO , I have not upgraded hubby's PC as he has a solid 8.0
seatup and doesn't have any serious need for the updated USB stuff. His
Codeweavers Office product regognized the card reader ... so he has that
capability .. once codeweavers gets a few things sorted , he's going to lose
his win2000 pro partition. .... And then there were none <G>

Once that is done it will require a reinstll of linux at that time in order to
reclaim the windows partition.. ANd it will be either 8.0 or 8.1 depending on
how the fixes are once we get to the "del c:\" IF 8.1 which is being patched at
what seems like super human speed , has the litle problems fixored, he
upgrades, if not, he stays w/ 8.0 until hardware or software just wond run on
it any more


afterthought: I love cats...they taste just like chicken.

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