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Re: [SLE] [OT] Insurance was; [Re: [SLE] The No DMCA license restricts US viewers of this site]
  • From: Bruce Marshall <bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 14:44:59 -0400
  • Message-id: <200210261444.59316.bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 26 October 2002 14:28 pm, Jon Clausen wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 06:28:04PM -0400, Bryan Tyson wrote:
> > On Thursday 24 October 2002 13:28, Curtis Rey wrote:
> > > stated that the law was a scam to force people to buy car
> > > insurance and boost profits for them
> >
> > That's not a scam. That is forcing people to be responsible.
> >
> > No one has the right to smash someone else's car to bits, then say,
> > "good luck coming up with all those thousands to get your car fixed,
> > I don't care enough about my fellow citizens to carry insurance."
> Coming from Denmark, where insurance is mandatory to get a car
> registered, I was amazed to learn that that's not the case in the
> US...
> The way I found out was on my first trip to the states, when I needed
> to get this car registered, and they asked me at the insurance office
> whether I wanted to buy insurance against someone uninsured crashing
> into me... I was completely baffled as to what she meant... something
> like "you mean to tell me that insurance is *OPTIONAL* ????!!!".
> IMHO, you guys are crazy.
> Not wanting to potentially end up in hospital and having to pay for
> treatment, not to mention having my car wrecked and having to pay for
> that myself as well, I bought the extra insurance.
> Jon Clausen

I think you'll find it is mandatory in most states of the U.S. as well.
In Michigan where I live, you need to have insurance to register a car,
but you can also buy the uninsured motorist insurance as well. It is
pretty cheap (because of the mandatory requirement) but it insures
against some nut who might take his hot rod/off-road/whatever vehicle
for a spin when he's not insured.

When I lived in CT, I saw a man who drove his uninsured car around the
block as a test get fined $500 for not having insurance... and given
jail time when he couldn't come up with the money.

+ Bruce S. Marshall bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx Bellaire, MI 10/26/02
14:41 +
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