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Re: [SLE] Sendmail or Postfix?
  • From: "Pep Serrano" <pep.serrano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 09:48:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <005101c27a68$89ee04a0$a32e8a89@xxxxxxx>
Hello Miguel,

I was using sendmail since long time ago until... I changed to Cyrus IMAP
server, then I added mail accounts for web users (no unix account) from a
MySQL DB, then I added Sieve mail management... And you know what? The
sendmail configuration is a pain in the ass.
So I tried Qmail and Postfix...

Both Qmail and Postfix are good, except the license that comes with Qmail.

Now your questions:

> 1. It seems to me that Postfix has a better and easier integration with
> procmail, but would that be enaugh for changing from sendmail to
> postfix, assuming that I would have better tools to fight spam for

Generally speaking postfix is much easier to configure. There is no m4!
You can integrate postfix to whatever you want and there is a very active
comunity of developers working to add the ultimate state-of-the-art

To give you an example, I have postfix working in my system, managing email
for 4 virtual domain, with different users in each domain. Users are loaded
from MySQL db, and even can be authenticated against the db. Mail is
delivered to Cyrus IMAP server for some of the mail domains, other domains
are delivered to the local Linux user accounts. SSL, TTL, SMTP
Authentication, UCE control, blacklist. I am very happy with it.

Also... if you ever tried to read the source code of sendmail... you'll know
that not only the configuration is complex... :-) Then give a read to the
postfix sources!

> 2. What would be the implications and performance impact? What else need
> to be considered, like users accounts, mailboxes, etc...

Postfix claims to be much performant than sendmail.
My personal experience is... well in an AMD 1800 / 1GB RAM, I didn't get the
difference with sendmail :-)

About security... postfix is much more a scattered system which helps to
isolate problems and improves security.

> 3. If there is a better place to those questions, please redirect me
> there, or any documentation available will do great.

Check the postfix web site

Have fun,
Pep Serrano

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