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Re: [SLE] An interesting review
** This email message from Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx> on Mon, 7 Oct 2002 14:52:58 -0700 Will be delivered via Owl Services Dept

**This woman reviews based on how things look based esthetics and as a slightly
**smarter then average dumb end user.
yeah, it seems she really likes RH and gnome .. so she should stick w/ it (
them , those , it?), ... I don't think everyone has to use the same flavour
linux ...
I did notice that some of her "issues" were the same sorts of things we heard
about 8.0 ...complaints from folks who wont, or don't anyway, read ... I
wonder if some of the old problems are reserfacing OR.. they are appearing for
the first time for folks who didn't have 8.0, and having made the new file
location jump yet. (I can't believe it's that hard to get thru the install. IT
wasn't the very first time I did a Suse install, and that was a much more
"primative" setup <G>.

I don't buy the premise that any linux newbie wouldn't actually at least look
thru the indexes on the manuals .. When you're new to something you tend to go
a tad slow , lest you break something. Her report that a Windows user won't do
that; leaves me wondering. It's not as if the type of user she is discussing is
installing new windows OSes every whipstich ... The ones I know use whatever
came on the box.. and don't even do the updates and patches.. ( which explains
why "old" worms , trojans, and virii keep causing problems when they are
re-released ...)

I suspect some of the newer boxen w/ the "let us take the work out of it for
you click here" has at least lead to some moderate interest in the underlying
OS.. but mainly not.. As we all know ( cause they keep telling us) The computer
"priesthood" insists that computers are just too difficult to be understood (
let alone used!) by the uninitiated... But , for the most part that is
untrue... However it scares people a lot... Ever see that Computer guy who
sells the "Cd lessons" I especially cringe when they play that woman who claims
her daughter knows how to operate a computer much better than she does.. and
the kid is only 3 ... That is just nonsense... esp as she allegedly is no
lomger frightend becasue the "professor" sat her down in front of his "How to
run Excell" lessons, adn now she knows all about computers. <shudder>
And that isn't a knock on the actual product just the advert adn the idea it is
promoting.. even a 3 year old can run your computer better than you can, and
you better wise up quick or all the bad things in the world are going to come
into your house right thru the phone line. IT may be good for some businesses
... but it's really adding to the dumbing down of THE USA.
( Many of these folks can be "retrained" , Just so long as there is
re-training refresher course that runs automagically when they sit down and
click the mouse. It has to run every time tho, cause once they sleep the brain
info seems to be erased and replaced w/ the origional indoctrination. <G>)


afterthought "With my history of wrecks it's time to check, the crabtraps of life once more..."

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