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Re: [SLE] How do I setup an email server for an office....
On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 01:26, Tom Nielsen wrote:
> WOW!!!! I was expecting something completely different. I guess I
> thought that since someone using Outlook can access as many email
> servers as they want, that all I had to do is to add an IP of my email
> server in the office and have it setup as a second server on everyone's
> machine. Similar to accessing my home email and work email from work.
> Your assumptions of my current setup were right on the money. While you
> totally sound like you've done this many times before, I have to
> I really need to do all this? I guess my plans above can't be
> done? My work uses email from our webhosting service rather than from
> our ISP. All the ISP does is provide Interent mail.
> For educational purposes, why can't I have an email server in the office
> for people that just want to pass files and send quick emails to each
> other and the email server to and from the outside world?

You can set a separate mail server internally that doesn't interact with
the outside world. That elimiates many of the thorny issues, but not
you have two mail systems. If you set up multiple mail accoutns in
Outlook, I'm not sure how to force it to send your internal e-mail only
to the internal server, and all other e-mail to your other mail server.

Maybe you could set up multiple Outlook profiles on each machine and
sign on to the one you want to use depending on whether you want to send
local mail or mail to the outside world.

By the way, if your ISP does not handle your mail, who does?

I hope I did not dissuade you from searching for a solution, I just
wanted to point out that a nice integrated solution was not a 5 min rpm

Best regards,
Sing blue silver
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