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Re: [SLE] How do I setup an email server for an office....
  • From: "Joe & Sesil Morris (NTM)" <Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 08:43:05 +0800
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Tom Nielsen wrote:

Everyone in my office runs Win2k except me, Suse 8.0. My firewall is a
standalone box running RH 7.0.
My boss asked me if there was a way to run an internal email server so
that we didn't have to go to the outside to send email to each other. I
said, "Sure, boss! I'll get right back to you." Now what? He wants to be
able to get inter-office email as well as external email.

Do you mean he now wants to get both external email and internal email from your local email server? Install the imap package, which contains both a pop server and an imap server. You will need to enable them/it in inetd (Yast>Network/Basic>Start/Stop Services). You would need to add all the users so that they have a mailbox (but set there shell to /bin/false so they can't actually log in). You would also need to configure sendmail to accept the local mail to deliver it to procmail.

If he also wants to pick up internet mail locally, you could use fetchmail to retrieve the mail and deliver locally. If he wanted all outgoing mail to go through that box, sendmail would need configured for that. If not, the clients would just need to point to the local email server for incoming/outgoing LOCAL mail, and local addresses added to address books.

The email we currently use is with our web-hosting service. What email
program should I run and how do I set it up? For now I can set it up on
my Suse system...unless it were to bog my system down too much.
It shouldn't be that much of a load. You could even set up sendmail and amavis with antivir tp automatically scan for viruses on email.

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