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re[2]: [SLE] reiserfs vs xfs vs jfs
>> AFAIK xfs is not part of standard kernel.

It is in the -aa kernel, and has been for a while.

Most distributions already have it added in, but Redhat is pretty adamantly against it because they are not convinced that it has stabilized and they don't want to stuck supporting multiple incompatible rev. levels.

The xfs team thinks that the incompatible change they made with the 2.4.18 kernel will be the last one, but that assumes the main kernel developers don't force them to change something. (They did with 2.4.18, so the xfs team could do nothing about it.)

Also, if it gets officially into the 2.5 kernel, that should nail down any remaining API instabilities and encourage Redhat to add it their kernel.

The xfs team is trying hard to get it into the 2.5 kernel (i.e. unstable by definition) before the 2.5 feature freeze at the end of Oct.

If they make it, they should be part of the official 2.6 kernel (i.e. stable) that is likely to come out in the spring.

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