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Re: [SLE] big hard drive, drive overlays and Linux
  • From: "Hipolito A. Gonzalez M." <hgonzale@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 18:21:11 -0400
  • Message-id: <3CD06A57.7090005@xxxxxxxxx>
Praise wrote:

Alle 19:21, martedì 30 aprile 2002, Clayton Cornell ha scritto:

OK, I have been poking about on the web for some guidance on this. This is
the scenario:
I have a 386sx25 with 16MB RAM that I am installing Slackware on (I know,
not SuSE, but I have tried without success all versions from 6.4 through
8.0. Slackware 8.0 includes option to install on 386 systems, and worked
first try.) Anyway, the 500MB HD I currently have in the system is the
limit of the BIOS. I have a 1.2Gig Quantum I want to install to give me a
larger sandbox to play in.

The problem is... how do I get around the BIOS issues? Do I need to? Back
in the DOS days I would download OnTrack and use that to do the BIOS
redirects to give me access to a drive larger than what the BIOS

Linux doesn't have problem with big disk. If the bios doesn't recognize it, don't problem, create a small partition to /boot (the bios will search in the first 1024 cyl) and after all the system.

I have a 486 witch doesn't recognize >8Gb disk, and no problem with a 15 Gb. Try it

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