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Re: [SLE] <OT>Stay Legal - Stay Free (Software)
  • From: Jon Biddell <jon@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 13:55:21 +1000
  • Message-id: <>
At 11:00 5/04/02 -0800, Mark Doucette wrote:
I think another nice touch would be for business' <especially those
threatened by CAAT>, to switch to linux and open source, then as a show
of *admiration* for MS, send all of there windows software back to MS.
Wouldn't they crap if they started getting thousands of cd's in mail,
maybe with a little note saying "Switched to Linux/Open Source". Of
course I would scratch the hell out of the disks first cuz they'd
probably try to resell those usable ones haha.

Sorry for the hairbrain stuff...still haven't had my first cup 'o' jo of
the day.

We had a software audit by M$ recently, where they sent a team from one of the big accounting firms to do the dirtywork.

Now, my PC has a BIOS powerup password, as it's been tampered with by the desktop dweebs before (I manage the network - over 50 servers - on my OWN !!), so I wasn't worried about them getting into it.

When they arrived, I just sat back and watched the fun - three "technicians" couldn't get the machine to power up, let alone boot.... The Director glowered at me, then winked....

They then asked me for the password (they were sitting at my machine when I got to work, so no way was I co-operating !!), which I refused, on the grounds of "commercial confidentiality of the data on the PC". They then explained what they were going to do, and how the program worked. They REFUSED to allow me to scan their disks for viruses.

I presented them with an agreement that they all were to sign, indicating that they would be responsible for any damage or misuse of the data on my computer, and that they were "technically competant to conduct this audit", which they refused to sign.

After about 1/2 hour of this, the MD came down and "explained" that I was to allow this or I would be sacked.

So I unlocked the machine, and lo, it booted into SuSE 7.3.... They DEMANDED that it be booted into Windows, which I refused as I didn't run it at the time (I run certain non-Linux apps under VMWARE)... They threatened that I HAD to have a Windows licence on the PC, as it is an IBM - at which point I powered off the machine and politely told them to piss off.

So much for Microsoft's "honesty".

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