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Re: [SLE] blanket root password
  • From: James Mohr <suse_mailing_list@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 15:08:20 +0100
  • Message-id: <20020303124643.DB57CE6541@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Tom Nielsen wrote:
OK, I'm sick and tired (yes, I know we all are) of putting in my password
all the time to access root areas like YAST or package manager, etc...

Is there a way to do a script where I can log into everything that
requires a root password at one time and have it timeout after 24

I'm an idiot, so if you can show me how without saying "write a simple
bla-bla script," I would appreciate it.


Personally, I say you should get used to it. There will always be a a
tradeoff between security and convenience. When I was first starting out in
the UNIX world, I loved to do things like that to make my life more
convenient. However, the first time you have to spend all weekend restoring a
system you trashed because you forget just where and when all those little
tricks are hidden, you will begin to appreciate that most companies choose
security over convenience. I, for one, am *not* one of those who is sick and
tired of it. It is simply the path of least danger.

Do you really have to change that much on your system that you need to be
root all the time? If so, why not just login as root all of the time? That
would definately save you a lot of hassle. Do you really have so many
problems that you have to be root all the time to trouble shoot them? In my
experience, the only time you need to be root is to change something or to
troubleshoot. On my systems at home and work, I rarely log in as root and the
inconvenience is worth it when you consider the risks.

My two cents.



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