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Re: [SLE] Netiquette - was: Geneology software for Linux
  • From: James Mohr <suse_mailing_list@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 17:55:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <20020203153615.C5B0CE6551@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Servus Robert!

On Sunday 03 February 2002 13:48, Robert Klein wrote:
> Hi,
> > I got a private reply to this and I was just wondering if other
> > people expect more that answers like:
> >
> > Try a google search on "genealogy linux"
> >
> > If answers like are acceptable, then 90% of the posts to this list
> > could be answered with "RTFM" or "RTFHT" (Read the F..... HowTo).
> Maybe it was thought, the problem was you not finding anything
> yourself was your spelling (there's a lot of people here, who have
> english as a second language, like me, and are not that good in
> spelling and grammar).

As I said to Wolfi, I typically try to understand what people are saying or
asking even with the mistakes. There are repeated cases of people who post
almost unintelligible questions because of poor english, and it does little
good to say "try 'linux duden" on google" (or whatever). Such answers are
more annoying than helpful.

> BTW, the information you gave _was_ a little terse. If one doesn't
> know what exactly you're looking for, "google" or maybe "freshmeat"
> _are_ the standard answers, so you can get a first overview about the
> available software, and then come back for the specifics.

Maybe, just maybe. However, why were others able to understand the real
question? They shouldn't be the "standard answers" any more that "RTFM"
should be. Particularly in the area of software, one should be able to
"interpret" the question as a request for comments or opinions. If freshmeat
has six different packages, it is a lot of work to download and install them
all. Should the questions have been "I have found 20 entries on google, six
on freshmeat, 26 on Lycos, which of them have people had experience with and
would recommend?"?



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